"Iberia and Europe: A post-Cold War understanding in Spanish and Portuguese defense policies?"

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Maritheresa F. Frain
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For the first time, Spain and Portugal--often no longer with their backs to one another--may have a unique opportunity to begin to cooperate on coordinating common foreign and security policies within the European Union framework and NATO. In fact, I shall argue that it will be in both countries' interests (not to mention the EU's as well) to do so--however difficult and costly reaching agreements may be--and that serious attempts to build consensus will be vitally necessary to secure Europe's southern flank. This paper will be organized into the following sections: (1) historical background outlining how divergent Spain and Portugal's defense policies have been and why; (2) Spain and Portugal's relations with NATO during the Cold War; (3) Spain and Portugal's relations in WEU and CFSP; and (4) Spain and Portugal's relations with NATO after the end of the Cold War. The conclusion will summarize what the future will hold for greater cooperation between Spain and Portugal within NATO and the WEU.