European Union in the 21. century perspectives from the Lisbon treaty

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Stefano Micossi; Gian Luigi Tosato; Sabino Cassese; Carlo Bastasin; Maurizio Ferrera; Fiorella Sacchi; Ginevra Bruzzone; Luigi Prosperetti; Valeria Termini; Cesare Merlini; Rocco A. Cangelosi; Ferdinando Salleo; Alessandro Pansa; Pier Carlo Padoan; Mario P. Chitti; Giancinto della Cananea; Andrea Manzella Show More Hide
Centre for European Policy Studies
book description
The new Treaty of Lisbon brings important changes to the European construction, including a significant expansion of common policies decided by the Community method, a stable President for the European Council, a strengthened framework for external policies, more transparent and effective decision-making and strict safeguards of subsidiarity. This collection of essays edited by Stefano Micossi and Gian Luigi Tosato, analyse the changing equilibria in common policies, institutional settings and mechanisms of legitimisation of the European Union and sketch out possible scenarios for the 21st century.