“A Finger for Berlusconi” Italy’s anti-immigration/anti-crime measures, Romanian realities, and the poverty of European citizenship

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F. Peter Wagner
conference paper description
This paper presents for the most part the penultimate version of a working paper that has since been published (end of February) as an occasional paper in the series Politische Italien-Forschung, edited by Alexander Grasse at the University of Giessen, Germany: http://www.uni-giessen.de/cms/fbz/fb03/institute/institut-furpolitikwissenschaft/pifo/occasional The presentation will focus more on the issue of state/citizenship itself. In particular, I intend to make the distinction between a political citizenship and the capitalist market defined EU citizenship rights more explicit. This also in an effort to distinguish my interpretation of the situation of citizenship in the EU – namely as norms, rules and practices that are expressions of three not easily reconciled if indeed overlapping dimensions: cosmopolitanism, national state-defined sovereignty, and the common market – from Jenson’s interpretation of a “citizenship regime” (Jenson 2007).