"The European Security and Defence Identity and the Non Concert of Europe"

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Alexander. Moens
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It is now three years since the end of the cold war. and we have not found a new European security consensus. Beside uncertainty due to large scale reform in all organizations and the violent conflict in ex-Yugoslavia, we must recognize a third cause: the rise of the European Security and Defence Identity (ESDI). Its “Europeanist” interest is to set up legally and institutionally separate security and defence mechanisms for Western Europe. ESDI interests weaken the transatlantic link, clutter the decision making process, and risk short term military and security capabilities for long term political objectives. Three developments enabled ESDI to reach its take-off stage: German unification, great power competition over the security vacuum left by the end of the cold war, and a lack of leadership in the Atlantic Alliance. An analysis of these causes direct to the need for a German-American coalition, especially on closer CSCE-NATO ties to prevent further disintegration.