An emerging transnational network of communication on European affairs? The European public sphere at EC summits 1969-1991. 7th European Social Science History Conference, Lisbon 26th February – 1st March 2008

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Jan-Henrik. Meyer
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This article uses the network concept in a rather open, metaphorical manner to describe the structure of transnational references across European borders in newspaper commentary. The article takes up the debate on an emerging European public sphere, which is frequently defined as a transnational structure – a network – of communication. Even though the claim of an emergent European public sphere requires a longer-term view, historical research has been conspicuously absent. In an attempt to fill this gap, the article discusses the pattern of transnational references around five selected European summits 1969-1991. While there is evidence of an emerging European network of communication, this development is neither linear nor unambiguous. The growth of the transnational network coincides with a more dense national network of communication on European affairs.