Alternative energy production with grid-connected solar dish-Stirling systems

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IEEE Power Engineering Society Summer Meeting,, Vol: 1, Page: 129-133

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Baghzouz, Yahia; Karam, B.; Boehm, Robert F.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE); IEEE
Electric power-plants – Efficiency; Power system interconnection; Solar absorber-convertors; Solar concentrators; Solar energy concentrators; Solar power plants; Solar power stations; Stirling engines; Induction generators; Renewable energy sources; Solar energy--Evaluation; Solar thermal dish-Stirling systems; Energy Systems; Mechanical Engineering; Oil, Gas, and Energy; Sustainability; Electrical and Electronics; Engineering; Other Civil and Environmental Engineering; Power and Energy
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Two grid-connected solar dish-Stirling power systems have recently been installed on the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The objective is to study the reliability of these systems, and investigate means of improving their efficiency and availability in an effort to raise their proven technology status. This paper describes the operation of both systems and evaluates the expected yearly kWh production using historical solar insolation data and past system availability.