LES of particle dispersion and gas-to-particle mass transfer in turbulent shear flows

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SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology, ISSN: 2191-5318, Issue: 9783319595832, Page: 37-55

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Sean C. Garrick; Michael Bühlmann
Springer Nature
Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology; Chemical Engineering; Mathematics; Materials Science; Energy; Engineering
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LES of condensation gas-to-particle mass transfer in turbulent incompressible mixing layers are performed. The flows are comprised of a particle-free condensable vapor mixing with micron-size porous particles. Simulations are performed at a single Reynolds number while varying the particle Stokes number, the mass transfer and convective time scales, and the vapor concentration at the particle surface. DNS has shown to be quite useful in capturing the fluid–particle interactions though at a high compute time. The goal of this work is to use LES to obtain a high level of fidelity to the DNS but with significantly reduced computational requirements.