Daytime variation of perioperative myocardial injury in cardiac surgery and its prevention by Rev-Erbα antagonism: a single-centre propensity-matched cohort study and a randomised study.

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Lancet (London, England), ISSN: 1474-547X, Vol: 391, Issue: 10115, Page: 59-69

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10.3410/f.732035219.793538343, 10.1016/s0140-6736(17)32132-3, 10.3410/f.732035219.793539763
Montaigne, David, Marechal, Xavier, Modine, Thomas, Coisne, Augustin, Mouton, Stéphanie, Fayad, Georges, Ninni, Sandro, Klein, Cédric, Ortmans, Staniel, Seunes, Claire, Potelle, Charlotte, Berthier, Alexandre, Gheeraert, Celine, Piveteau, Catherine, Deprez, Rebecca, Eeckhoute, Jérome, Duez, Hélène, Lacroix, Dominique, Deprez, Benoit, Jegou, Bruno, Koussa, Mohamed, Edme, Jean-Louis, Lefebvre, Philippe, Staels, Bart Show More Hide
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article description
On-pump cardiac surgery provokes a predictable perioperative myocardial ischaemia-reperfusion injury which is associated with poor clinical outcomes. We determined the occurrence of time-of-the-day variation in perioperative myocardial injury in patients undergoing aortic valve replacement and its molecular mechanisms.

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