Changes in health in England, with analysis by English regions and areas of deprivation, 1990-2013: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013.

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Lancet (London, England), ISSN: 1474-547X, Vol: 386, Issue: 10010, Page: 2257-74

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Newton, John N; Briggs, Adam D M; Murray, Christopher J L; Dicker, Daniel; Foreman, Kyle J; Wang, Haidong; Naghavi, Mohsen; Forouzanfar, Mohammad H; Ohno, Summer Lockett; Barber, Ryan M; Vos, Theo; Stanaway, Jeffrey D; Schmidt, Jürgen C; Hughes, Andrew J; Fay, Derek F J; Ecob, Russell; Gresser, Charis; McKee, Martin; Rutter, Harry; Abubakar, Ibrahim; Ali, Raghib; Anderson, H Ross; Banerjee, Amitava; Bennett, Derrick A; Bernabé, Eduardo; Bhui, Kamaldeep S; Biryukov, Stanley M; Bourne, Rupert R; Brayne, Carol E G; Bruce, Nigel G; Brugha, Traolach S; Burch, Michael; Capewell, Simon; Casey, Daniel; Chowdhury, Rajiv; Coates, Matthew M; Cooper, Cyrus; Critchley, Julia A; Dargan, Paul I; Dherani, Mukesh K; Elliott, Paul; Ezzati, Majid; Fenton, Kevin A; Fraser, Maya S; Fürst, Thomas; Greaves, Felix; Green, Mark A; Gunnell, David J; Hannigan, Bernadette M; Hay, Roderick J; Hay, Simon I; Hemingway, Harry; Larson, Heidi J; Looker, Katharine J; Lunevicius, Raimundas; Lyons, Ronan A; Marcenes, Wagner; Mason-Jones, Amanda J; Matthews, Fiona E; Moller, Henrik; Murdoch, Michele E; Newton, Charles R; Pearce, Neil; Piel, Frédéric B; Pope, Daniel; Rahimi, Kazem; Rodriguez, Alina; Scarborough, Peter; Schumacher, Austin E; Shiue, Ivy; Smeeth, Liam; Tedstone, Alison; Valabhji, Jonathan; Williams, Hywel C; Wolfe, Charles D A; Woolf, Anthony D; Davis, Adrian C J Show More Hide
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In the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013 (GBD 2013), knowledge about health and its determinants has been integrated into a comparable framework to inform health policy. Outputs of this analysis are relevant to current policy questions in England and elsewhere, particularly on health inequalities. We use GBD 2013 data on mortality and causes of death, and disease and injury incidence and prevalence to analyse the burden of disease and injury in England as a whole, in English regions, and within each English region by deprivation quintile. We also assess disease and injury burden in England attributable to potentially preventable risk factors. England and the English regions are compared with the remaining constituent countries of the UK and with comparable countries in the European Union (EU) and beyond.