Allele-level HLA matching for umbilical cord blood transplantation for non-malignant diseases in children: a retrospective analysis.

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The Lancet. Haematology, ISSN: 2352-3026, Vol: 4, Issue: 7, Page: e325-e333

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Eapen, Mary, Wang, Tao, Veys, Paul A, Boelens, Jaap J, St Martin, Andrew, Spellman, Stephen, Bonfim, Carmem Sales, Brady, Colleen, Cant, Andrew J, Dalle, Jean-Hugues, Davies, Stella M, Freeman, John, Hsu, Katherine C, Fleischhauer, Katharina, Kenzey, Chantal, Kurtzberg, Joanne, Michel, Gerard, Orchard, Paul J, Paviglianiti, Annalisa, Rocha, Vanderson, Veneris, Michael R, Volt, Fernanda, Wynn, Robert, Lee, Stephanie J, Horowitz, Mary M, Gluckman, Eliane, Ruggeri, Annalisa Show More Hide
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The standard for selecting unrelated umbilical cord blood units for transplantation for non-malignant diseases relies on antigen-level (lower resolution) HLA typing for HLA-A and HLA-B, and allele-level for HLA-DRB1. We aimed to study the effects of allele-level matching at a higher resolution-HLA-A, HLA-B, HLA-C, and HLA-DRB1, which is the standard used for adult unrelated volunteer donor transplantation for non-malignant diseases-for umbilical cord blood transplantation.

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