Coupling land use and groundwater models to map land use legacies: Assessment of model uncertainties relevant to land use planning

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Applied Geography, ISSN: 0143-6228, Vol: 34, Page: 356-370

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Deepak K. Ray; Bryan C. Pijanowski; Anthony D. Kendall; David W. Hyndman
Elsevier BV
Agricultural and Biological Sciences; Social Sciences; Environmental Science; Business, Management and Accounting
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Groundwater models coupled with GIS analyses can be used to estimate the time for groundwater and solutes to be transported from each location across a watershed to surface water bodies. Coupled to backcast land use models, these estimates can be used to create land use “legacy” maps that quantify the contribution of historic land uses to the groundwater signal arriving at streams. However, groundwater models and backcast land use models contain uncertainties inherent to each model. These uncertainties may affect the outcome of the coupled model and hence their reliability to natural resource and land use planning.