Recomendaciones sobre tratamiento no farmacológico en la enfermedad pulmonar obstructiva crónica de la Guía española de la EPOC (GesEPOC 2017).

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Archivos de bronconeumologia, ISSN: 1579-2129, Vol: 54, Issue: 11, Page: 568-575

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Pleguezuelos, Eulogio; Gimeno-Santos, Elena; Hernández, Carmen; Mata, María Del Carmen; Palacios, Leopoldo; Piñera, Pascual; Molina, Jesús; Chiner, Eusebi; Miravitlles, Marc
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Non-pharmacological treatment is essential in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but this treatment is sometimes not given the importance it deserves. Patients diagnosed with COPD should benefit from comprehensive care services. These services comprise a protocolized set of actions aimed at covering the health needs of the patient, taking into account their environment and circumstances. Pulmonary rehabilitation is one of the essential components of non-pharmacological treatment in comprehensive COPD care services. In the Spanish COPD Guidelines (GesEPOC) 2017, we provided a systematic report of the scientific evidence for pulmonary rehabilitation programs in acute and stable phase disease. Another important issue in the non-pharmacological treatment of COPD is physical activity, and the most essential considerations regarding prescription are described in the GesEPOC guidelines, along with a review of the most effective strategies to ensure adherence. GesEPOC 2017 aims to underline the importance of non-pharmacological treatment as a co-adjuvant to pharmacological treatment.