In-situ and ex-situ catalytic upgrading of vapors from microwave-assisted pyrolysis of lignin.

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Bioresource technology, ISSN: 1873-2976, Vol: 247, Page: 851-858

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Fan, Liangliang; Chen, Paul; Zhou, Nan; Liu, Shiyu; Zhang, Yaning; Liu, Yuhuan; Wang, Yunpu; Omar, Muhammad Mubashar; Peng, Peng; Addy, Min; Cheng, Yanling; Ruan, Roger Show More Hide
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Chemical Engineering; Environmental Science; Energy
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In-situ and ex-situ catalytic upgrading with HZSM-5 of vapors from microwave-assisted pyrolysis of lignin were studied. The in-situ process produced higher bio-oil and less char than ex-situ process. The gas yield was similar for both processes. The ex-situ process had higher selectivity to aromatics and produced more syngas and less CO than the in-situ process. Additional experiments on ex-situ process found that the bio-oil yield and coke deposition decreased while the gas yield increased at higher catalyst-to-lignin ratios and catalytic upgrading temperatures. The increased catalyst-to-lignin ratio from 0 to 0.3 reduced the selectivity of methoxy phenols from 73.7% to 22.6% while increased that of aromatics from 1.1% to 41.4%. The highest selectivity of alkyl phenols (31.9%) was obtained at 0.2 of catalyst-to-lignin ratio. Higher catalytic temperatures favored greater conversion of methoxy phenols to alkyl phenols and aromatics. Appropriate catalyst-to-lignin ratio (0.3) together with higher catalytic temperatures favored syngas formation.