Michael B. Salmela; Shri H. Krishna; Douglas J. Martin; Sara Khanipour Roshan; Alexander M. McKinney; Huseyin G. Tore; Jeffrey B. Rykken; Zuzan Cayci; Bharathi D. Jagadeesan; Brian Knaeble
article description
Purpose To determine if intracranial hemorrhages (ICH) are always hypointense on Susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI) and to determine the effect of T1-signal intensity on the appearance of ICH in SWI series. Methods SWI and T1-signal intensities of ICH were retrospectively studied in a series of patients. SWI signal intensities were statistically correlated with T1-signal intensities. Results In a series of 57 MRI scans from 40 patients, ICH was hypointense in 19, mixed-intensity in 21, and hyperintense in 17. Hyperintensity of ICH on SWI was significantly associated with increased T1 signal (P<.001). Conclusion ICH can have a varied appearance on SWI.