Filtered sunlight, solar powered phototherapy and other strategies for managing neonatal jaundice in low-resource settings.

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Early human development, ISSN: 1872-6232, Vol: 114, Page: 11-15

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Slusher, Tina M; Day, Louise Tina; Ogundele, Tolulope; Woolfield, Nick; Owa, Joshua Aderinsola
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Challenges in treating severe neonatal jaundice in low and middle-income country settings still exist at many levels. These include: a lack of awareness of causes and prevention by families, communities and even sometimes health care professionals; insufficient, ineffective, high quality affordable diagnostic and therapeutic options; limited availability of rehabilitation provision for kernicterus. Collectively these challenges lead to an unacceptably high global morbidity and mortality from severe neonatal jaundice. In the past decade, there has been an explosion of innovations addressing some of these issues and these are increasingly available for scale up. Scientists, healthcare providers, and communities are joining hands to explore educational tools, low cost screening and diagnostic options including at point-of-care and treatment modalities including filtered sunlight and solar powered phototherapy. For the first time, the possibility of eliminating the tragedy of preventable morbidity and mortality from severe NNJ is on the horizon, for all.