Synthesis and hydrogen storage of La 23 Nd 7.8 Ti 1.1 Ni 33.9 Co 32.9 Al 0.65 alloys

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Journal of Materials Research and Technology, ISSN: 2238-7854, Vol: 7, Issue: 2, Page: 173-179

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Priyanka Meena; Mukesh Jangir; Ramvir Singh; Vishnu Kumar Sharma; Indra Prabh Jain
Elsevier BV
Materials Science
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The present work investigates structural and hydrogen storage properties of first time synthesized La 23 Nd 7.8 Ti 1.1 Ni 33.9 Co 32.9 Al 0.65 alloy by arc melting process and ball milled to get it in nano structure form. XRD analysis of as-prepared alloy showed single phased hexagonal LaNi 5 -type structure with 52 nm average particle size, which reduces to about 31 nm after hydrogenations. Morphological studies by SEM were undertaken to investigate the effect of hydrogenation of nanostructured alloy. EDX analysis confirmed elemental composition of the as-prepared alloy. Activation energy for hydrogen desorption was studied using TGA analysis and found to be −76.86 kJ/mol. Hydrogenation/dehydrogenation reactions and absorption kinetics were measured at temperature 100 °C. The equilibrium plateau pressure was determined to be 2 bar at 100 °C giving hydrogen storage capacity of about 2.1 wt%.