Synthesis of ferrite nanoparticles Cu 1−x Ag x Fe 2 O 4 and evaluation of potential antibacterial activity

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Journal of Materials Research and Technology, ISSN: 2238-7854, Vol: 7, Issue: 3, Page: 381-386

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Gabriel Alves Gomes; Gisela Lara da Costa; André Ben-Hur da Silva Figueiredo
Elsevier BV
Materials Science
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Copper-silver ferrite nanoparticles synthesized by a simple and rapid solution combustion method using glycine as complexing agent. Cu-Ag nanoparticles were and characterized by X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy. In vitro assays were established as a means of evaluating the potential of interaction and mean inhibition rates on several strains using the diffusion method in liquid broth medium. Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy analyses were applied for comparing relative amounts of strains eliminated or inhibited through physical sample mechanisms. Results indicated that the amount of silver ions in the copper ferrites influences the crystal microstructure and antibacterial properties of the copper ferrites.