Effectiveness of different corn dried distillers grains with solubles feeding strategies and increasing the time intervals between the second Improvest dose and slaughter of immunologically castrated pigs on belly and pork fat quality.

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Meat science, ISSN: 1873-4138, Vol: 135, Page: 62-73

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E. K. Harris; L. J. Johnston; R. B. Cox; G. C. Shurson; M. A. Mellencamp
Elsevier BV
Agricultural and Biological Sciences
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article description
Effects of dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) feeding strategies (a corn-soybean meal (CS) fed continously; CS+40% DDGS fed continously; CS+40, 30, 20, or 10% DDGS in 4 phases, respectively; or CS+40% DDGS in phases 1 to 3 and CS in phase 4 before slaughter) on belly and pork fat quality of immunologically castrated (n=192) pigs were evaluated. All pigs received the first Improvest dose at 11week of age, and the second dose at 9, 7, or 5week before slaughter at 24week of age. Increasing the time interval of the second Improvest dose before slaughter reduced IV in all fat depots and increased belly thickness. Gradually decreasing dietary DDGS and DDGS withdrawal feeding strategies reduced IV in all fat depots. Calculated IV were greater using the Meadus et al. (2010) equation compared with using the AOCS (1998) equation because it includes more long-chain unsaturated fatty acids.