Vertebrectomía total y acortamiento vertebral en el manejo de luxación vertebral T12-L1: manejo con medios subóptimos.

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Neurocirugia (Asturias, Spain), ISSN: 2340-6305, Vol: 29, Issue: 6, Page: 304-308

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Lorente, Alejandro; Palacios, Pablo; Burgos, Jesús; Barrios, Carlos; Lorente, Rafael
Elsevier BV
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Total vertebrectomy with spine shortening has been reported for the treatment of difficult cases of traumatic spine dislocation, both in acute and chronic phase. We report an exceptional case of a five-week-old T12-L1 spine dislocation in a 25-year-old female with complete paraplegia as a result of trauma in Ciudad de León (Nicaragua). In view of the time since the dislocation, we performed a complete L1 vertebrectomy in order to reduce the dorsolumbar hinge. For osteosynthesis material we had only eight screws and two Steffee plates. We therefore introduced pedicle screws at levels T11, T12, L2 and L3 on the right side and T11, T12, L3 and L4 on the left, and performed manual reduction of the spine. Steffee plates were placed and we added sublaminar wires to reinforce the osteosynthesis. Fifteen months after surgery, there has been no neurological improvement.