Maculopatía fótica: revisión de la literatura (I).

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Archivos de la Sociedad Espanola de Oftalmologia, ISSN: 1989-7286, Vol: 93, Issue: 11, Page: 530-541

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J. González Martín-Moro; J. Zarallo Gallardo; J. L. Hernández Verdejo
Elsevier BV
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The human retina, as transducer of light energy, is especially exposed to light toxicity. Solar maculopathy has been the only form of photic maculopathy for millennia, often secondary to the observation of an eclipse. During the last century, technological advances have led to the appearance of new forms of photic maculopathy, related to the exposure to new forms of artificial light, such as welding devices and lasers. In recent years, the general use of laser pointers has led to an upturn in interest in this pathology. The aim of this review is to offer an integrated view of the different types of photic maculopathy. Due to the extension of this topic, the review is presented divided into two parts. In this first part solar maculopathy and welding arc maculopathy are presented.