A network of monitoring networks for evaluating biodiversity conservation effectiveness in Brazilian protected areas

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Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation, ISSN: 2530-0644, Vol: 16, Issue: 4, Page: 177-185

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Fabio de Oliveira Roque; Marcio Uehara-Prado; Francisco Valente-Neto; Jose Manuel Ochoa Quintero; Katia Torres Ribeiro; Marlucia Bonifacio Martins; Marcelo Gonçalves de Lima; Franco L. Souza; Erich Fischer; Urbano Lopes da Silva Jr.; Françoise Yoko Ishida; Andrew Gray-Spence; João Onofre Pereira Pinto; Danilo Bandini Ribeiro; Clarissa de Araujo Martins; Pierre Cyril Renaud; Olivier Pays; William E. Magnusson Show More Hide
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Environmental Science
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review description
The necessity to create national to global-scale biodiversity monitoring systems as part of assessing progress toward biodiversity agendas presents a challenge for signatory countries. This is a brief review of ongoing Brazilian national initiatives that would allow the construction of a general biomonitoring network scheme in protected areas; with additional focus on linking independent monitoring schemes. We discuss some key aspects needed to include monitoring schemes under a single framework that will lead to better evaluation of pressure–state–response indicators for managing biodiversity at several scales; and we point out the potential of embracing citizen science and participatory monitoring to quantify some aspects within those schemes.