Manejo del carcinoma de células escamosas de esófago precoces a través de la disección endoscópica submucosa.

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Revista de gastroenterologia de Mexico, ISSN: 0375-0906, Vol: 83, Issue: 3, Page: 259-267

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Arantes, V; Espinoza-Ríos, J
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The incidence of esophageal cancer is steadily increasing worldwide. Outcome is poor, given that the majority of cases are diagnosed at advanced disease stages. However, when detected at early stages, esophageal tumors can be curatively treated through less invasive methods, resulting in a 5-year survival rate above 90%. Therefore, it is essential to identify the high-risk population and recommend those patients undergo screening using high-resolution endoscopy, adding the resources of chromoendoscopy with Lugol's solution (or digital chromoendoscopy) and magnification. Such systematized examination makes it possible to recognize early-stage esophageal neoplasia and propose endoscopic submucosal dissection as treatment. In that procedure, the tumor is resected en bloc, resulting in lower morbidity and mortality, compared with previous standard treatment, including early-stage esophagectomy. The present article is a review of the latest advances in the management of superficial esophageal tumors through endoscopic submucosal dissection.