Numerical simulation and analysis of hybrid physical-chemical vapor deposition to grow uniform perovskite MAPbI 3

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Journal of Applied Physics, ISSN: 0021-8979, Vol: 121, Issue: 14

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Chongqiu Yang; Terrence Simon; Tianhong Cui
AIP Publishing
Physics and Astronomy
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Applications of metal halide perovskite have been rapidly developing in recent years. However, very little research focusing on basic growth kinetics of perovskite films can be found in the literature. This paper discusses a hybrid physical-chemical deposition process of planar perovskite films. A 2-D ANSYS Fluent simulation is presented to calculate the heat and mass transfer during the deposition process. An optimized mass flow configuration with a flow resistance imposed by a porous screen is shown to give a uniform distribution of the methylammonium iodide vapor precursor and an even surface deposition rate of perovskite films. Both steady and transient calculations indicate that increasing operating temperature or vessel pressure within certain limits can boost the surface deposition rate of perovskite. Limitations on working pressure are presented for preventing reverse flow into the chamber and associated deterioration of deposition uniformity of the perovskite films.