Orientation selective deep brain stimulation.

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Journal of neural engineering, ISSN: 1741-2552, Vol: 14, Issue: 1, Page: 016016

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Lehto, Lauri J; Slopsema, Julia P; Johnson, Matthew D; Shatillo, Artem; Teplitzky, Benjamin A; Utecht, Lynn; Adriany, Gregor; Mangia, Silvia; Sierra, Alejandra; Low, Walter C; Gröhn, Olli; Michaeli, Shalom Show More Hide
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Engineering; Neuroscience
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Target selectivity of deep brain stimulation (DBS) therapy is critical, as the precise locus and pattern of the stimulation dictates the degree to which desired treatment responses are achieved and adverse side effects are avoided. There is a clear clinical need to improve DBS technology beyond currently available stimulation steering and shaping approaches. We introduce orientation selective neural stimulation as a concept to increase the specificity of target selection in DBS.