Achieving high baryon densities in the fragmentation regions in heavy ion collisions at top RHIC energy

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Journal of Physics: Conference Series, ISSN: 1742-6588, Vol: 832, Issue: 1

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Ming Li; Joseph I. Kapusta
IOP Publishing
Physics and Astronomy
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Heavy ion collisions at extremely high energy, such as the top energy at RHIC, exhibit the property of transparency where there is a clear separation between the almost net-baryon-free central rapidity region and the net-baryon-rich fragmentation region. We calculate the net-baryon rapidity loss and the nuclear excitation energy using the energy-momentum tensor obtained from the McLerran-Venugopalan model. Nuclear compression during the collision is further estimated using a simple space-time picture. The results show that extremely high baryon densities, about twenty times larger than the normal nuclear density, can be achieved in the fragmentation regions.