Muon capture on light isotopes in Double Chooz

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Journal of Physics: Conference Series, ISSN: 1742-6588, Vol: 888, Issue: 1

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M. Strait
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Physics and Astronomy
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Using the Double Chooz reactor neutrino detector, we have measured the products of μcapture onC,C,N andO. Over a period of 490 days, we collected 2.3 × 10stopping cosmic μ, of which 1.8 × 10captured on these nuclei in the inner detector. The resulting isotopes were tagged using prompt neutron emission (when applicable), the subsequent beta decays, and, in some cases, β-delayed neutrons. Production of these βn isotopes, primarilyLi, which are backgrounds, was found at a significance of 5.5σ. The probability ofLi production per capture onC is (2.4 ± 0.9(stat) ± 0.1(syst)) × 10. We have made the most precise measurement of the rate ofC(μ, ν)B to date, 6.57×10s, or (17.35)% of nuclear captures. By tagging excited states emitting gammas, the ground state transition rate toB is found to be 5.68×10s.