Inverse Dynamics of Hexa Parallel Robot Using Lagrangian Dynamics Formulation

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2008 International Conference on Intelligent Engineering Systems, Page: 145-149

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Mahdi Ahmadi; Mehdi Dehghani; Mohammad Eghtesad; Ali Reza Khayatian
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Computer Science; Engineering
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In this paper we will study dynamical model of a parallel robot Hexa using Lagrangian equation of the first type. Because of complexity and nonlinearity of parallel robots' relationships there are few works done on their dynamical modeling. Although Newtonian approach is a straightforward method, it may not directly result in a suitable model for most of famous control schemes such as robust, adaptive or robust-adaptive; this model is usually calculated from Lagrangian formulation. Since parallel manipulators are usually very nonlinear, using Lagrange equation of the second type is a tremendous work while Lagrange equation of the first type decreases much complexity. Also we have written software, HEXA STUDIO, suitable for design, kinematics, dynamics and control of the Hexa robot. © 2008 IEEE.