High-Performance Black Phosphorus MOSFETs Using Crystal Orientation Control and Contact Engineering

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IEEE Electron Device Letters, ISSN: 0741-3106, Vol: 38, Issue: 5, Page: 685-688

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Nazila Haratipour; Seon Namgung; Roberto Grassi; Tony Low; Sang-Hyun Oh; Steven J. Koester
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Materials Science; Engineering
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We report high performance, orientation-controlled, and locally back-gated black phosphorus (BP) n-MOSFETs and p-MOSFETs with titanium and permalloy contacts, respectively. Devices with channel length ranging from 0.3 to 0.7μm are analyzed. Armchair-oriented BP p-MOSFETs (n-MOSFETs) display 3.5 times (1.5 times) higher maximum current compared with zigzag devices. Saturated transconductance values up to 4.8 times (1.6 times) higher for BP p-MOSFETs (n-MOSFETs) oriented along the armchair direction compared with the zigzag direction are observed. Using this orientation control and contact engineering, n-MOSFETs with transconductance of 110μ Sμ m and p-MOSFETs with contact resistance as low as 0.31 kμ m are demonstrated.