Center of Excellence for Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge (MD2K)

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IEEE Pervasive Computing, ISSN: 1536-1268, Vol: 16, Issue: 2, Page: 18-22

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Santosh Kumar, Gregory Abowd, William T. Abraham, Mustafa al'Absi, Duen Horng Chau, Emre Ertin, Deborah Estrin, Deepak Ganesan, Timothy Hnat, Syed Monowar Hossain, Zachary Ives, Jacqueline Kerr, Benjamin M. Marlin, Susan Murphy, James M. Rehg, Inbal Nahum-Shani, Vivek Shetty, Ida Sim, Bonnie Spring, Mani Srivastava, Dave Wetter Show More Hide
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Computer Science
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The Center of Excellence for Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge (MD2K) is enabling the collection of high-frequency mobile sensor data for the development and validation of novel multisensory biomarkers and sensor-triggered interventions.

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