Accurate Circuit Modeling of Fishnet Structures for Negative-Index-Medium Applications

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IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, ISSN: 0018-9480, Vol: 64, Issue: 1, Page: 15-26

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Victor Torres; Francisco Mesa; Miguel Navarro-Cia; Raul Rodriguez-Berral; Miguel Beruete; Francisco Medina
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Physics and Astronomy; Engineering
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Metallic plates with a two-dimensional (2D) periodic distribution of sub-wavelength apertures are known to exhibit extraordinary transmission of electromagnetic waves. Stacking two or more of such plates gives place to the so-called fishnet structures, which constitute a popular way of achieving an effective negative index medium at frequencies ranging from microwaves to optics. Unfortunately, a general wideband equivalent circuit has not yet been proposed to facilitate its understanding and design. This work presents this circuit model with closed-form expressions for the circuit elements, thus making it possible to obtain the electrical response for this class of structures in a very efficient way. This procedure is much faster than alternative numerical methods at the same time that it retains a high level of accuracy when compared with some other oversimplified models. The circuit model also provides a simple rationale as well as a good physical insight in order to explain the qualitative behavior of such structures, independently of the number of stacked layers.