Md. Tahmidul Islam Molla, Steven Goodman, Nicholas Schleif, Mary Ellen Berglund, Cade Zacharias, Crystal Compton, Lucy E. Dunne
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Computer Science
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Stitched methods of e-textile fabrication offer durability and flexibility benefits, as well as relatively un-constrained layout patterns. The ability to affix discrete component packages without a PCB substrate would improve the overall flexibility and comfort of an e-textile garment. However, that level of integration between electronic and apparel manufacturing processes is difficult to achieve. Here we present the development of a stitched method of fabricating e-textile circuits with surface-mount components. The technique leverages technologies and methods common to sewn product manufacturing. Using a simulated high-intensity wear test, we evaluate the durability of this method for circuit architecture variables of component size, trace width, and trace orientation, as well as for methodological variables of solder deposition technique and reflow process. We show durability of 3% failure after a 14-hour wear test for the best manufacturing conditions. Further, we implement the manufacturing technique in an LED matrix display application.

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