A Teleconnection between the West Siberian Plain and the ENSO Region

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Journal of Climate, ISSN: 0894-8755, Vol: 30, Issue: 1, Page: 301-315

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Stefan Liess; Saurabh Agrawal; Snigdhansu Chatterjee; Vipin Kumar
American Meteorological Society
Earth and Planetary Sciences
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The Walker circulation is linked to extratropical waves that are deflected from the Northern Hemisphere polar regions and travel southeastward over central Asia toward the western Pacific warm pool during northern winter. The wave pattern resembles the east Atlantic-west Russia pattern and influences the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) region. A tripole pattern between the West Siberian Plain and the two centers of action of ENSO indicates that the background state of ENSO with respect to global sea level pressure (SLP) has a significant negative correlation to the West Siberian Plain. The correlation with the background state, which is defined by the sum of the two centers of action of ENSO, is higher than each of the pairwise correlations with either of the ENSO centers alone. The centers are defined with a clustering algorithm that detects regions with similar characteristics. The normalized monthly SLP time series for the two centers of ENSO (around Darwin, Australia, and Tahiti) are area averaged, and the sum of both regions is considered as the background state of ENSO. This wave train can be detected throughout the troposphere and the lower stratosphere. Its origins can be traced back to Rossby wave activity triggered by convection over the subtropical North Atlantic that emanates wave activity toward the West Siberian Plain. The same wave train also propagates to the central Pacific Ocean around Tahiti and can be used to predict the background state over the ENSO region. This background state also modifies the subtropical bridge between tropical eastern Pacific and subtropical North Atlantic leading to a circumglobal wave train.