Chrysanthemum ×hybridum MN 98-89-7 shrub garden chrysanthemum

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HortScience, ISSN: 2327-9834, Vol: 52, Issue: 2, Page: 306-309

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Neil O. Anderson; Peter D. Ascher; Vincent Fritz; Charlie Rohwer; Steven Poppe; Shengrui Yao; Patricia Johnson; Lee Klossner; Neal S. Eash; Barbara E. Liedl; Judith Reith-Rozelle Show More Hide
American Society for Horticultural Science
Agricultural and Biological Sciences
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A new garden chrysanthemum with a shrub plant habit is released as a descendent of a cross involving two hexaploid species: Chrysanthemum weyrichii (Maxim.) Tzvelv. (female) × C. × grandiflorum Tzvelv. (male). Chrysanthemum × hybridum Anderson MN 98-89-7 [U.S. Plant Patent (PP) 14,495] is a vigorously growing shrub chrysanthemum for garden culture, exhibiting extreme hybrid vigor. Single daisy reddish-purple flowers cover the foliage in the fall, numbering >3000 on second-year plants. This selection displays excellent winterhardiness in U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Z3b+ (-34.4 to -37.2 °C) as well as frost-tolerant flowers. In its second and subsequent years of growth after planting, MN 98-89-7 grows into a fall flowering (August-October), herbaceous shrub ranging in plant height from 61.0 to 91.4 cm with a diameter of 76.2 to 152.4 cm. Its spherical plant shape is achieved naturally with self-pinching, creating a highlymanicured appearance; it also attracts honey bees and butterflies as pollinators. MN98-89-7 is a vegetative product and this unnamed selection is being released for germplasm purposes as well as for potential licensing and naming.