Effect of calcination kinetics and microwave sintering parameters on dielectric and peizo-electric properties of (KNa) NBO ceramics

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Iranian Journal of Materials Science and Engineering, ISSN: 2383-3882, Vol: 15, Issue: 2, Page: 14-31

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R. N. Nandini; M. Krishna; A. V. Suresh; K. Narasimha Rao
Materials Science; Engineering
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An efficient solid-state approach was established to synthesize (KNa) NbO ceramics using calcination kinetics and microwave assisted sintering. Milling of carbonate and oxide raw materials were carried out for 15h to obtain homogeneous nano particles. The crystallite size of 5.30 nm was obtained for the KNN system after calcination through optimized parameters and observed to be stoichiometric in nature. The obtained nano particles showed phase transition from orthorhombic to tetragonal crystal structure without any secondary phases. The high relative density and tetragonality ratio of KNN ceramics obtained through optimized sintering parameters yielded with significant piezoelectric and ferroelectric properties.