Effect of gradation and particle shape on sand properties as coverage of beach soccer ground - Details of a patent

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Annals of Applied Sport Science, ISSN: 2322-4479, Vol: 5, Issue: 3, Page: 49-62

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Haghighizade, Seyed Ramin; Jiryaei Sharahi, Morteza; Mirhoseini, Seyed Mahmood; Mousavi, Maryam
Armenian Green Publishing Co.
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Background. Beach soccer is one of the most well-known international sports in the world. The laws of the game were introduced by some associations and today they are covered by FIFA. There are also certain rules for the selection of beach soccer sand, but the specifications are too simple and rough. Thus, a wide range of sand types falls in the acceptable range of FIFA. Objectives. In this study, an investigation is conducted to identify the effective parameters of beach soccer sand that affect the acceptability and quality of sand. The aim of this study is to determine which type of sand is more in accordance with the expectations of beach soccer players. Methods. This study is based on the results of a survey on 10 players of the national beach soccer team of Iran. The questionnaire includes questions about different aspects of sand quality at a number of beach soccer grounds. The sand samples are consequently compared by considering their gradations and particle shapes. A number of recommendations are presented in order to select high-quality sand for the purpose of beach soccer ground coverage. Results. The results are examined using numerical simulations. Finally, after conducting several tests and survey and gathering regional data, a simple and reliable method for ranking sand types used in beach soccer ground coverage is presented. The method can accurately predict the score of each sand sample by using the input data of gradation test, roundness test, and regional data. The sand types are scored according to the level of the match. Conclusion. In this manner, the grounds of beach soccer can be standardized using the presented ranking method.