Pilot Study of Veterinary Student Mindset and Association with Academic Performance and Perceived Stress.

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Journal of veterinary medical education, ISSN: 0748-321X, Vol: 44, Issue: 1, Page: 141-146

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Root Kustritz, Margaret V
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Social Sciences; Veterinary
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Individuals with a growth mindset believe that all failures are opportunities and that their baseline intelligence and talent can be used for continuous improvement. Individuals with a fixed mindset believe that baseline intelligence and talent cannot be developed. A growth mindset is associated with greater academic success and greater resilience in the face of failure or stress. Second-year veterinary students completed three surveys to determine mindset, perceived levels of stress, and life change score. Of 57 students, 70% had a strong growth mindset or a growth mindset with some fixed ideas. No students had a strong fixed mindset. Mindset was not correlated with GPA or perceived stress level. Colleges of veterinary medicine can assist students by providing resources and training for stress management, including training in how to further develop a growth mindset.