Coaxial fed multilayered U-slot defectedground structured antenna for medical and wireless applications

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International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, ISSN: 0975-2366, Vol: 10, Issue: 3, Page: 371-377

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Raghavaraju Aradhyula; T. V. Rama Krishna; B. T.P. Madhav
SynthesisHub Advance Scientific Research
Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics
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article description
A novel coaxial fed multilayered antenna is designed to operate at multiband operation in this article. The designed antenna consists of defected ground in the bottom plane of lower substrate and W-shaped patch on the top. U-shaped patch is placed on the top layer of the upper substrate and coaxial feeding is used in this design to excite the lower patch. The proposed antenna is operating in the application bands of GSM and PCS (0.9-1.2 GHz), Bluetooth, ISM and LTE (2.4-2.6 GHz), Wi-Fi (3.2-3.6 GHz), Lower band of WLAN (4.8-5.2 GHz), Upper band of WLAN (5.8-7 GHz) and Satellite applications (10.2-11 GHz). Antenna providing peak realized gain of 4.5 dB and peak efficiency of 80%. The prototyped antenna giving excellent correlation results with simulation results obtained from HFSS tool.