Metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer and the challenge of a patient with chronic kidney disease in hemodialysis.

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Autopsy & case reports, ISSN: 2236-1960, Vol: 8, Issue: 2, Page: e2018011

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Simões, Joana; Augusto, Isabel; Meireles, Sara; Vendeira, Lurdes; Silva, Carlos
Editora Cubo Multimidia
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At a time when the population shows increasing longevity, entities such as cancer and chronic kidney disease (CKD) are more frequently connected. In the United States, approximately 6% of the patients on hemodialysis have cancer. The challenge to manage oncologic patients with CKD in a hemodialytic program represents a great shortage of available information on the choice of the best drug, timing, dosage adjustments, dialysis method, and treatment safety. We present the case of a patient with prostate cancer and terminal CKD in hemodialysis, and the treatment sequence after the development of resistance to hormonal blockade therapy, which included docetaxel, enzalutamide, and radium-223.