Futures of comparative literature: ACLA state of the discipline report

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Futures of Comparative Literature: ACLA State of the Discipline Report, Page: 1-346

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9781351853033; 9781138293335; 9781315227405; 9781138293342
988902954; 980304691; 995283451; 980702393; 994714396
Ursula K. Heise; Dudley Andrew; Alexander Beecroft; Jessica Berman; David Damrosch; Guillermina De Ferrari; César Domínguez; Barbara Harlow; Eric Hayot
Informa UK Limited; Routledge; Taylor and Francis; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group
Arts and Humanities
book description
Futures of Comparative Literature is a cutting-edge report on the state of the discipline in Comparative Literature. Offering a broad spectrum of viewpoints from all career stages, a variety of different institutions, and many language backgrounds, this collection is fully global and diverse. The book includes previously unpublished interviews with key figures in the discipline as well as a range of different essays - short pieces on key topics and longer, in-depth pieces. It is divided into seven sections: Futures of Comparative Literature; Theories, Histories, Methods; Worlds; Areas and Regions; Languages, Vernaculars, Translations; Media; Beyond the Human; and contains over 50 essays on topics such as: Queer Reading; Human Rights; Fundamentalism; Untranslatability; Big Data; Environmental Humanities. It also includes current facts and figures from the American Comparative Literature Association as well as a very useful general introduction, situating and introducing the material. Curated by an expert editorial team, this book captures what is at stake in the study of Comparative Literature today.