Alignment: A New Software Architecture Approach to Support Streamlining Business Processes

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Altendorfer, Susanne; Aschauer, Thomas; Dauenhauer, Gerd; Pree, Wolfgang
Business software; business process streamlining; IT business alignment; software architecture; model-driven system development; Management Information Systems
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Traditional business structures nowadays have to change fast to keep up with customers needs, which is often not possible due to monolithic software architectures and multiple software systems that do neither respond to process requirements nor interact well. Many existing software systems, however, are too complex and too unrelated to the business to support this change accurately. New ways of software architecture are needed to respond to changing requirements and support the business processes. Information systems have to be integrated into the organization’s structures. It seems that a component-based software architecture, which supports the whole value chain, forms the basis for a business process reorganization to enable changes. In this paper we introduce a modeling approach based on Clabjects. We demonstrate how that approach can be applied to an industrial case in order to streamline and support the business processes. Further, this paper further describes the envisioned business process improvements.