Service Idealism: The Sense Perception of Personality

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Jaya Pelawi, Agus Marwi
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The importance of service has been a central topic of study regarding consumer behavior and market research. Good services make customers optimistic; subsequently, measuring the pros and cons of consumer vis-a-vis service to form the degree of customer idealism. Service idealism indicates a particular service measured via the degree of optimistic based on personalities. Service idealism is associated with customer preference and influences customer decision toward service providers. This research uses theory of psychological personality traits as the basis to investigate service idealism. Theoretically, certain factors affect diversification of service idealism. Existing researchers investigated certain related topics in service domain. However, what are the elements of service idealism? Hence, this study aims to explore three questions: (1) how to discover the components of services idealism?, (2) how to use personality psychology to model the conceptual model?, and (3) how to optimize the service to obtain the concept of services idealism.