ASAS: An Approach to Support Simulation of Smart Systems

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Graciano Neto, Valdemar Vicente; Garcés, Lina; Guessi, Milena; Paes, Carlos; Manzano, Wallace; Oquendo, Flavio; Nakagawa, Elisa
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Smart systems, such as smart cities, smart buildings, and autonomous cars, have recently gained increasing popularity. Each such system is essentially a System-of-Systems (SoS). SoS are dynamically established as alliances among independent and heterogeneous software systems to offer complex functionalities as a result of constituents interoperability. An SoS often supports critical application domains, and, as such, must be reliable. Many SoS have been specified and evaluated for their correct operation using static models. However, specification languages have not supported to capture their inherent dynamic nature nor enabled to monitor their operation. The main contribution of this paper is to present ASAS, an approach to Automatically generate Simulation models for smArt Systems (ASAS) in order to support evaluation of their operation. In particular, our approach makes it possible to transform formal models of the SoS architecture (expressed in SoSADL) into simulation models (expressed in DEVS). We evaluated our approach by conducting two case studies using a flood monitoring system that is intended to be part of a smart city. Results indicate that ASAS can successfully generate functional simulations for the SoS operation, which in turn can enable to reason and monitor an SoS operation, taking into account its dynamic nature.