Carryover Effects of System-Unrelated Emotions on Adoption of Information Systems

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Zhang, Sixuan; Milic, Nash
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Extensive researches in other disciplines have documented emotions as a substantial aspect of human thoughts and behaviors. In our field, two types of emotions have been analyzed as antecedents of IT use: system specific emotions and general IT emotions. No study in our field focuses on system-unrelated emotions. In addition, most studies focused on the impact of emotions on the continued use of systems. There is a research gap on the effects of emotions occurring prior to the initial adoption of information systems. Thus, with our interest of system-unrelated emotions and intention to bridge this research gap, the goal of the current study is to investigate the following research question: How do IT-unrelated emotions influence the initial adoption of IS? The current paper draws on one of the most widely used adoption theory – Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) – and augment the theory with system-unrelated emotions.