The Professional Writer's Many Personae: Creative Nonfiction, Popular Writing, Speechwriting, and Personal Narrative

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Girard, Rosemary
JMU Scholarly Commons
Creative Nonfiction; Popular Writing; Speechwriting; Personal Narrative; Genre; Composition
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This book discusses in detail four genres of professional writing that are interwoven but also distinct: creative nonfiction, popular writing, speechwriting, and personal narrative. As such, it is organized in four chapters—one for each genre of professional writing. Each chapter is then broken down further into three sections—research, rhetorical analysis, and creative work. The research sections of each chapter are didactic, providing an understanding of what the genre is, what unique characteristics it has, and how a writer might go about writing a piece in that style. The rhetorical analysis sections look critically at a published piece of writing in that chapter’s genre and dissect its effectiveness. And, finally, the creative work sections are pieces that the author has written herself in that chapter’s genre. The book provides a chronology that advances from theory on writing, to the analysis of successful writers’ work, to the creation of pieces. In other words, it presents an information flow that moves from research to analysis and, finally, to creation.