Revitalizing Classical Music Interest and Concert Attendance: Why Today's Youth Are Deterred From Classical Music and Why Symphony Orchestras and Businesses Need to Get Involved

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Clouse, Caroline M.
JMU Scholarly Commons
classical music; business involvement; classical music marketing; innovative concert design; Thomas K. Hamann; Kathrin Schlemmer and Mirjam James
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This paper seeks to explore the divide between classical music institutions and the youth of today. Interest in classical music is on a steady decline among Millennials and this paper provides a discourse on some of the prevailing reasonings behind the deterrents to classical music concert attendance. German studies concerning the current state of classical music and it's standing among youth that previously have never been translated are described within, so that this important information may be disseminated. Lastly, there is a discussion on the importance of innovative marketing techniques and concert offerings as well as how and why today's businesses can get involved to revitalize interest in classical music.