Preventing Pressure Ulcers in Adults: An Integrative Review

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CONFERENCE: The Research and Scholarship Symposium

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Bassinger, Abram; Kistler, Kara; Soule, Melissa
Pressure ulcer; prevention; standard mattress; nursing home; padding; mattresses; elderly patients; facility acquired pressure ulcers; immobile; systematic review; Nursing
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Introduction and Background: Pressure ulcers (PU’s) are a preventable healthcare concern which can impede the health quality and recovery for adult patients.Purpose: To determine if in the adult population, the use of alternative mattresses or standard mattresses reduces the risk of pressure ulcers more effectively.Framework: The Iowa Model of Evidence-Based Practice.Results: Of the 10 articles reviewed, 7 articles had significant focus on the comparison between alternative versus standard mattresses while 3 articles discussed alternative versus standard mattresses but concentrated on other interventions for PU’s. Of the 7 focused on alternative versus standard mattresses, 5 have significant evidence to support utilizing alternative mattresses over standard mattresses, 1 article agreed but data was inconclusive, and 1 article concluded there was not significant data to support alternative over standard mattresses in preventing PU’s. Of the 3 articles discussing alternative versus standard mattresses, 2 stated there was significant evidence while 1 article concluded no significant data.Conclusion: Based on current evidence, alternative mattresses are more effective than standard mattresses in preventing PU’s. Further evidence based research is suggested to confirm alternative mattresses are best equipped to prevent PU’s in adult patients compared to standard mattresses.