Remote experimental station for engineering education

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Doddapuneni, Muralidhar
Florida International University
Computer Engineering
thesis / dissertation description
This thesis provides a distance-learning laboratory for students of electrical and computer engineering department where the instructor can conduct experiments on a computer and send the results to the students at remote computers. The output of the experiment conducted by the instructor is sampled using a successive approximation Analog to Digital (A/D) converter. A microcontroller collects samples using high speed queued serial peripheral interface clock and transmits data to IBM-compatible personal computer over a serial port interface, where the samples are processed using Fast Fourier Transforms and graphed. The client/server application developed transfers the acquired samples over Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) network with operational Graphical User Interface (GUI) to the remote computers where the samples are processed and presented to students. The application was tested on all Windows platforms and various Internet speeds (56k modem, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Local Area Network (LAN)). The results were analyzed and appropriate methodology of Remote Experimental Station was formulated.