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Georgia Journal of International & Comparative Law, ISSN: 0046-578X, Vol: 1, Issue: 1, Page: 198

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Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law
Analysis of the German Tax System; Dr. Helmut Debatin; Annual Report 1968. International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation; Annual Survey of Commonwealth Law 1968; H.W.R. Wade; Bulletin for International Fiscal Documentation; Conflict of Law: Mexico and the United States; S. Bayitch; J. Siqueiros; Crime and Punishment in Britain; Nigel Walker; The E.E.C. Proposed Directives on Mergers and Take-overs and Parent-subsidiary Relationships; The E.E.C. Reports on Tax Harmonization; Dr. H. Thurston; Fiscal Harmonization in the Benelux Economic Union; Mel Krauss; The GATT - Laws and International Economic Organization; Kenneth W. Dam; Government and Nationalism in Scotland; J.N. Wolfe; A History of Islamic Law; N.J. Coulson; International Law & Organization; Richard A. Falk & Wolfram F. Hanrieder; Law in Culture and Society; Laura Nader; Law-Making in the International Civil Aviation Organization; Thomas Buergenthal; The Law of Succession (Restatement of African Law Kenya II); Eugene Cotran; Legal Problems Associated with Ocean Data Acquisitions Systems; Intergovermental Oceanographic Commission; Old World New Horizons - Britain Europe and the Atlantic Alliance; Edward Heath; Private International Law; C.G. Cheshire; Regulation of International Trade and Investment; Carl H. Fulda; F. Schwartz; Roman Law; David Daube.; Comparative and Foreign Law; Conflict of Laws; European Law; International Law; International Trade Law; Law and Economics; Law and Society; Legal History; Legal Writing and Research; Transnational Law
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By Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law, Published on 04/11/16