Constitution and By-Laws of the Georgia Law Dames Club

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University of Georgia School of Law
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Bears the original signatures of the charter members: Calista Langstaff Dorothy Reed Alice King Hazel Gabriel Carleen Gardner Carl Palmour Frances Skaggs Irene Kocevar Partial List of Law Dames Presidents 1972-73 Carolyn Hatcher 1973-74 Joetta Novy (Mrs. Eugene Novy) 1974-75 Francisca Vassy 1975-76 Carole Floyd (Mrs. George Floyd) 1976-77 Margie Shedd (Mrs. Peter Shedd) 1977-78 Patsy Wharton (Mrs. Lee Wharton 1978-79 Amanda Stone (Mrs. Jesse Stone) 1980-81 Cindy Bowers (Mrs. Phil Bowers) 1983-84 Joanne Flournoy (Mrs. Matthew Flournoy) 1984-85 Janie Howard (Mrs. Alan Howard 1985-86 Lisa Muller (Mrs. Peter Muller) 1986-87 Cindy Phillips (Mrs. Christopher Phillips) 1987-88 Trish Rouse (Mrs. Edward Rouse) 1988-89 Fiona Like (Mrs. Christopher Liken)