An Integration Of Biblical Principles In Counseling: Psychology Filtered Through Scripture

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McCarron, Jennifer Marie
Psychology; Social and Behavioral Sciences
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Psychology is sometimes rejected altogether by evangelical Christians on the basis that it is a flawed discipline. Evangelicals are threatened by what they might call spirituality hiding behind the veil of science. But psychology must be viewed properly, as must theology, in order to interpret and apply its claims correctly. The Bible may be considered revealed truth, but it is not the only truth God has revealed to humans. The Bible is God's revelation to man in written form, and is reliable as long as it is interpreted and applied properly. God has also given man truth which is outside of, and consistent with, His written revelation. This truth is discoverable through observing creation and through scientific experimentation. It is through this general revelation that the social sciences have discovered truths about man which have enabled man to better understand himself and his relationships with others.